About us


sen. György Pszilosz set up his individual enterprise which was the ancestor of the firm. His activity was started with only one bench lathe in a cellar-machine shop in the IX. district, alone. His main activities were: repairing of household machines and some milling works.


The results of the hard-working job were the development of the enterprise, flare and expansion in the IX. district. It needed more employees, machines and parks and it led the opening of the second park. 8-10 people worked there in the individual enterprise at that time.The main activities were: general metal-milling jobs and making of paper-industrial and printig-machine-industrial components


The third workshop was formed in the VIII. district. In that time younger György Pszilosz also worked in the home enterprise as an individual contractor.
The main activities were: next to the earlier jobs the countersink on CNC machines.


A quite spectacular improvement was in the functioning of the firm. Through the union of two individual enterprises the PSZILOSZ Ltd. was formed in a new park. The activities were continued with 15-20 people in the field of metal-milling.
The main activities: in an about 1000 square meter building the result of the quick technical developments was a dynamic CNC-component maker activity.

Our plans:

The main goal is to keep and improve the two main sectors (making of paper-industrial and printing-machine-industrial components and the .standardized production. directive on CNC machine). Further plans are to flare the typographic service; to create the shipment of the components from the warehous (after a previous claim-measuring) and to widen the activity of CNC-component making and transport. It. needed to buy further EMCO and CNC machines to realise the goals.